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Long overdue update.

April 25th, 2005 No comments

Well, I haven’t updated in a long while, (the last being in January), but a lot has happened since then. Unfortunately, I have to work to pay for building a new house, so a lot of those happenings has not been on the house…. sigh.

  • Camera box: There were several problems with the camera box and it was down for 3 months, this isn’t so bad considering nothing was really happening on the house. But, I’ve managed to get rid of all the water leaks, (water was running down the camera cables and gently dripping onto the powerboard), and upgraded to kernel 2.6.8 and gotten rid of all the bugs in the software. It is now taking photos again, but every 15 minutes.

  • Flooring: I’ve finished off all the flooring – After moving in we still had concrete floors in the bedrooms. I have only a little bit left to go in the cupboards, but essentially that’s it. I’ll be selling my flooring gun on eBay soon.

  • Container emptied: We’ve finally emptied the container. Everything is crammed into the house. What I don’t understand is how we managed to fit it all into the old smaller house.

  • Lanscaping: Once the container is gone, we’ll get a big dumpster bin and clean out the whole front yard. There’s gravel to be removed, and old garbage to be thrown out. There’s also a big pile of dirt to be levelled out.

  • Bathrooms: Both bathrooms are fully functional, but I’ve yet to paint the top half of the walls in the ensuite, and tile the bath area in the main bathroom. After landscaping, this will be the next things to be done.

  • Skirting, architraves: Nope, still not done yet. Will be doing this after the landscaping and the bathroom.

  • Cabling: What I should have done, is completed the Cat5e cabling BEFORE the house was painted. Then patching the plaster board and sanding would have been a whole lot easier. But, then again there’s a whole stack of stuff I wish I had done earlier on.

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Kitchen installation.

October 11th, 2004 No comments

I got to the site just before work, (0645), to let the kitchen installer in and finish off a few of the floorboards in the hallway before the oven was brought in. The oven weighs a hefty 120kg, (ugh), and I had a 3-wheeled trolley to bring it in. The kitchen fellow and I ended up

carrying it in by hand, which wasn’t too much trouble.
I’ll post up some snapshots of the inside camera, (currently KitchenCam), of the kitchen installer doing his job, and me installing the flooring last week.
Next up: The wet-area proofing, then the tiler will set the levels, then I’ll finish off the flooring in the lounge and familyroom areas. After that we move in, and finish off.

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