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January 25th, 2005 No comments

Gee I hate it when people graffiti on your website. Some idiot took it on himself to use the ‘comments’ section to add adverts for some porno/gambling site. I received no request from them whether they could or not. They came in from multiple addresses to hide their identity as well. It’s the equivalent of someone spray painting an advert on your front fence.
Shame there aren’t any decent laws to provide an incentive for people not to do this. Oh well.

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Our first theft.

September 1st, 2004 No comments

I can remember when I was originally putting up the treecam all the scoffing I got from various people. Well, that’s to be expected really considering what I was doing. However, I never knew how it would pay off.
Yesterday, 31/8/2004 between 1620 and 1626 two men turned up at the site and stole a whole bunch of stuff. I have them on video, (he he).

So I burned a copy of the video to CD and took it to the local police. Fortunately they only stole a broom from me. But they stole around $300 worth of gear from the plasterers. I was tossing up whether to get something finger printed, because the tried to get into our shipping container. Fortunately that has a lock box on it with a good sturdy lock. I am thinking of putting up their picture that I took, inside the house and on the container with the caption, “you’re busted mate.”, or something suitably similar.
Hope they get caught.
The videos and images can be located here.

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