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Back on painting.

October 25th, 2004 No comments

Well, I’m back on to painting. I’m getting to the house still at 0500 to 0530 and working until it’s time to go to work. I only have the kids rooms to do now. That’ll be done pretty quick. It usually takes me an hour a room per coat, (for the walls), and on hot days I can come back and do a second coat 3 hours later.

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Painting, painting, painting, painting and more painting.

October 7th, 2004 No comments

Well, I’ve taken 2 weeks off work. The first week I’ve spent painting. Heck there’s a lot to do. Every day of the week I got there at 0630 and finished at 1800 – sunrise to sunset. Some nights I worked till 2100 and 2200. I got the whole house undercoated, and the top coat, (two), on the Kitchen, Lounge, and Hallway areas. My neck, and arms were killing after doing the ceilings.
The second week, I started on the flooring. So far I’ve managed to complete the Kitchen and part of the hallway, (the kitchen arrived today – just in time). The flooring we chose was pre-finished Cypress Pine planks. These are just normal milled planks, but have been lacquered. So, no sanding or polishing needs to be done afterwards. This is ideal for us, as we are doing the flooring in stages.
I’ve been absolutely buggered these last 2 weeks. Working at least 12 hours a day for the last 13 days straight is wearing me out. Hence the lack of an update. I’ve lost a huge amount of weight doing it as well – I’m down to 75kg from 85kg.
One thing that we haven’t had a lot of is rain. For 2-3 days it rained a huge amount during the last 2 weeks. It really tested out the drains, but heck there was a LOT of mud everywhere. You can see me

clearing out the drains as they were getting a bit full of water.
Another thing I did was to re-position my livecam to inside the house. Over the next week, I’ll cull out the highlights.

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September 4th, 2004 No comments

I went out and bought a big 20L container of undercoat, this will do the walls and other bits of wood. I went there today and undercoated some remaining bits of exposed wood. The

front door and

bay window, and other bits at the back of the house. Our original plan was to have nice lacquered wood finish throughout, but our budget caught up with us, so we’ve opted for the cheaper painted wood. Then we can get cheap pine or MDF for the architraves, and skirting boards and paint it. It’ll still look good, and you won’t know what’s underneath.

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No insulation today.

August 23rd, 2004 No comments

My wife and I were at the house today, we had ordered some Insulco Fatt Batts R3.5 rating. I was going to go to R5.0, but the cost was a bit inhibitive. They delivered R2.5, so we rang them up, and they were to replace them today. We waited, and waited……..
So, in the end we

cleared out the big lumps of timber in the house, I

shifted the dunny, and did some general tidying up. My wife undercoated the frilly bits that will stick on the house. All in all it wasn’t a wasted day, but we could have been putting in the insulation.

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Painting & framing – AGAIN.

August 20th, 2004 No comments


insulation arrived this morning. They stuffed the order up and gave us R2.0 batts instead of R3.5. So they’re going to come by on monday and swap it out with the bigger batts. I was going to spend the day insulating ready for the plasterer on Monday.
So, I did some more modifying of the internal frame for the upstairs room – I bought five 3.6m 140×45 pine beams to lay down on the wall frames to strengthen it up ready for the C-section steel beam. I’ll get that next week and just stuff it up there for after we move back in to the house. No time to do it now.
I also had some lads come over and put in some Cat-5e cable for me. I ran dual cables to every room in the house. They thought I was odd having cat5e running into the bathroom. So? What’s wrong with that? :)

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Painting & framing.

August 19th, 2004 No comments

Now this is when I should really start to shift the cameras inside the house. Unfortunately I don’t have much time for that. About the only picture of me doing anything outside was here.

Buggered if I know what I was doing there, but it was something at least. I was on the inside painting and drilling holes in the noggins for some draw cables.
However, the chippies were

fixing the remaining eave-linings at the front of the house.

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Painting in the rain is no fun.

July 10th, 2004 No comments

It had started to rain. So far we haven’t encountered this as we have had dry weather up till now. I was back on site

painting the windows. It’s fun painting undercoat in a drizzle. Try it sometime! No don’t. Needless to say when it did start to pour some of the undercoat just washed off.

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