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First week of living in.

December 12th, 2004 No comments

Well, it’s the first week of being in the new house. We’ve all been pretty much sick, the place looks like a bomb has hit it, it’s been raining, (mud everywhere), and we still don’t have our shower going, (just the bath at the moment). So we’re glad to be back in our own house.
Consequently, I haven’t had a chance to do much. Just a bit here and there. The finishing off bits always take the most time. I went and got a load of meranti mouldings to finish the bathrooms off and have been busy with that.
I didn’t end up getting a dingo back in to level off the ground, and will do that in a couple of weeks.

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Finally move in!

December 5th, 2004 No comments

Well, the house isn’t finished, but we’ve moved in – just in time for Christmas! I have sorted out my insurance issue, (managed to find one company that will insure us for contents without our temporary occupation certificate – no-one else would). We have a fully functional kitchen, partially functional bathrooms, (the shower doesn’t quite go yet – we have pegs available at the front door for sensitive noses :-)) ). We have also shifted half of our shipping container into the house. So we’re almost there. It’ll be a rough Christmas, but a memoriable one.
I spent the weekend finishing off our bathrooms as much as I could. We decided to have the country look to our bathrooms by putting in painted half height panelling. I’ll whack up a photo when I can find my camera.

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August 25th, 2004 No comments

I had to go off to work today. Alas. Oh well, I have to pay for this house somehow.

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