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A dingo we go.

May 1st, 2005 No comments

Now that the shipping container has gone from our driveway we had a dumpster bin delivered, and hired a dingo for the day. I managed to

excavate and level the front yard, and

clean up down the side. I got it all fairly level and straight, but I excavated just a little bit too much in one spot and bent the gas pipe, and knocked over the front tap. We’ll have to get the plumber out to fix them. Oh well.
Next weekend’s job is the retaining wall. I’ll have 30m of 150×75 treated pine sleepers, and 2T of extra earth delivered for this.

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January 25th, 2005 No comments

Well, I haven’t updated in a while, (around 1 month). But then again not much has changed. This is always the way. Once you move in everything grinds to a halt. Besides; I needed to spend some time with my family.
Floors: We’ve received the second load of flooring. This flooring hasn’t been milled as acurately as the old stuff so I’ve had to buy a proper flooring gun. This pushes the board in at the same time firing a nail in. The gun is the same as a normal nail gun, but the firing mechanism is a bolt at the top that gets hit with a hammer. This then fires a nail at 40 degrees into the tongue.
Bathroom: We’ve been using two partially complete bathrooms. I have yet to complete the tiling around the bath area, and get the plumber back to connect the shower up properly, (I’m using a spanner as a tap at the moment).
Architraves: They’re not up, but I have to finish the flooring first. These will go in easily with my old paslode. I’m putting in removeable mitre-less skirting boards. These will allow me to remove them for termite inspections.
Dingo: I’ll be getting the dingo back tolandscape the ground. I need to get rid of the rubble out the front and shift a whole swag of dirt around.
Verandah: I’ll need to finish off the above first. Then I’ll get the concretor back to lay the concrete for the front verandah. Then I can put up the verandah.
After all this it’ll be finished. Hooray!

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Big boys toys.

November 27th, 2004 No comments

Almost the most fun I’ve had since the building started was

hiring a dingo. A dingo is basically a baby bobcat. Instead of sitting in a cage you stand on the back. You have a bucket on the front that you can lift up and down, and open and close. The bucket carries a bit more than a barrow load. It cost about $300 for 24 hours, but saved me a couple of weeks of digging by hand. Basically, it was well worth it, (even excluding the enjoyment).
The only problem with dingos, (and also bobcats), is that they have a tendancy to

overbalance. This happened to me on three occasions, and mostly due to when I stopped too quickly. When it does the motor cuts out. This is also the other problem. The solution is this:

  1. Bounce up and down on the back of it. This seems to jiggle some petrol into the carbie.
  2. Start the engine, and it will go for about 5 seconds.
  3. Push down on the bucket lever, which should push the dingo

    back on four wheels.
  4. Repeat if it doesn’t work

NOTE: This worked for me. I take no responsibility if you do this procedure and you injure yourself. (standard legal disclaimer).
The other solution is to always ensure the bucket isn’t more than 2 feet off the ground when moving.

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Storm water drainage – part III.

November 16th, 2004 No comments

Back on to the trenching. We

chucked in the pipes,

had the odd smoko,

thought about how little money we have now, and

put in the ag pipe.
Later we filled in the trench and half covered the pipes ready for inspection.

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Storm water drainage – part II.

November 15th, 2004 No comments

The plumber came today to do a couple of things. I was also there helping him out with the storm water trenches and retaining pit. We had 9 tonnes of 25mm blue metal dumped and we shifted most of it into the

trenches and pits. If I had tried to do that last year I would have had a really sore back and muscles, (being an IT geek I tend to just sit in a chair all day), but since I’ve been building I’m used to it now. I’m down to 75kg now, so it just goes to show what a bit of rigourous continuous exercise does for you.

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Storm water drainage.

November 8th, 2004 No comments

The excavator came today to dig out the storm water retaining pit out the back and the trenches out the front. Unfortunately I had to bring the panorama camera down because the power cable was in the way, so we didn’t get to see much of Bill, (our excavator), in

action. But there’s a huge mess now. This should have been done after we had our slab laid.

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De-trenching and other things.

September 25th, 2004 No comments

Well, I am now on two weeks holidays. This means that a lot will be done during that time. I plan to have the painting finished in the kitchen, familyroom, loungeroom, and hallway areas. Also, I’ll have the flooring of those areas finished. This is so that it’ll be ready for the kitchen man to come in and install it.
I’ll also be getting a tiler to lay the run on the bathroom and laundry floors. Once that’s done, I can get in there and seal the floor ready for tiling.
I’ll have to pull at least 12 hour days to complete all this, but hopefully I’ll get it all done.
However, today I layed an additional 32mm telco conduit, (power for my workshed), in one of the trenches and filled it in.

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Optus cable or DSL?

September 12th, 2004 No comments

It’s time for the servics to go in. I had spent some time deciding whether to go DSL or stick with Optus. The ongoing costs are cheaper with DSL, so I transferred my phone over to Telstra, (a pre-req for getting DSL), bought a modem, and rang up the subbie to get my DSL line installed. BUT! I have no idea where the Telstra line is anymore, and the subbis is going to charge $120 callout and $20/15min. Aaaargh! I cancelled the switch and stuck with Optus.
I rang Optus up, they came out and gave me a quote for $280 for the underground cable. They gave me a sheet on what I had to do which is basically do everything up to the point of installing the cable. So I spent Sunday digging out the power trench and laying 32mm Telco conduit. I bought extra conduit and put that in the trench as well. You never know WHEN you might need it.

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A trenching we will go…..

August 2nd, 2004 No comments

Today, I helped out the plumber by digging some trenches. We were going to do it the hard way, but I decided to

hire a ‘ditch witch’, (or sometimes known as a ‘trench wench’). Fantastic bit of machinery. I picked one up at
Kennards for $200 for 24 hours. Reduced a two day job of digging down to a day. Pretty

easy going when you

use one. I managed to get the water and gas trenches dug as well as the storm water drain

out the front, and

down the side.
Because we are overrunning our schedule our chippie couldn’t make it because he’ll be out of action for 6 weeks due to surgery, so he’s organized a replacement chippie for us. Fantastic chippie, I thoroughly recommend him. Give him a call.

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