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August 28th, 2004 No comments

We all went over and put in the wall insulation. I had originally bought the glass wool, but the plasterer said I should be getting the plastic/wool mix. Well, it turned out to be bloody good stuff. I think I’ll see if I can return the other stuff and get some more of it. The kids were even helping put the stuff in. It ended up taking only about an hour or two.

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Still no insulation, PC shopping, no plaster.

August 24th, 2004 No comments

I woke up at 0500 this morning with a sudden realization that I had ordered R3.5 Fatt Batts for the whole house. This ends up being too fat for our wall studs. We actually need R2.0 wall batts. Grrrr. I rang up and changed the order when normal people were awake, and it wasn’t a drama. I ended up ordering the rest off our plasterer, and instead of glass wool batts, he get polyethalene batts. The difference? The glass wool acts like little needles, and actually stick into your skin and irritates it. The plastic batts, are just as good, but you could, (if you really WANT to), rub it on your face without any allergic reaction.
We went PC shopping, (Prime Cost), and found a vanity that was stuffed that I can fix up – ended up costing us $600 for a $1100 vanity. Woohoo!
We found out from our plasterer that CSR, (the manufacturer), refused to deliver the plaster because there wasn’t enough entry space. Grrrrr. Apparently the plasterers are only allowed to walk 15 long paces to deliver the plaster. If the have to walk further, they refuse delivery and come back with a forklift. Stoopid eh? We’ll be seeing the plaster delivered on Thursday.
We had to shift all that wood from the entrance to the site, so

that’s what we did in the afternoon.

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