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January 25th, 2005 No comments

Well, I haven’t updated in a while, (around 1 month). But then again not much has changed. This is always the way. Once you move in everything grinds to a halt. Besides; I needed to spend some time with my family.
Floors: We’ve received the second load of flooring. This flooring hasn’t been milled as acurately as the old stuff so I’ve had to buy a proper flooring gun. This pushes the board in at the same time firing a nail in. The gun is the same as a normal nail gun, but the firing mechanism is a bolt at the top that gets hit with a hammer. This then fires a nail at 40 degrees into the tongue.
Bathroom: We’ve been using two partially complete bathrooms. I have yet to complete the tiling around the bath area, and get the plumber back to connect the shower up properly, (I’m using a spanner as a tap at the moment).
Architraves: They’re not up, but I have to finish the flooring first. These will go in easily with my old paslode. I’m putting in removeable mitre-less skirting boards. These will allow me to remove them for termite inspections.
Dingo: I’ll be getting the dingo back tolandscape the ground. I need to get rid of the rubble out the front and shift a whole swag of dirt around.
Verandah: I’ll need to finish off the above first. Then I’ll get the concretor back to lay the concrete for the front verandah. Then I can put up the verandah.
After all this it’ll be finished. Hooray!

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Flooring arrives.

December 21st, 2004 No comments

I went off today and hired a 2T truck so that I could pick up the flooring for the remaining floors, (bedrooms). 75 sq meters of Cyprus Pine flooring and Maple battons. Came in at 1.5Tonnes. That’ll set me up for the Christmas break. Although it’ll have to sit in the rooms for 2 weeks to acclimatize. I’ll be doing a room at a time, since we have to move out of the unfinished rooms.

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Flooring, flashing and other things.

October 19th, 2004 No comments

I haven’t had much time to update this site. I have been still getting to the site at 0530 working till 0900, then going off to work. Last week I spent the time finishing off the flooring in the Lounge and Family rooms. I managed to get all but a small section completed. We had so many dud planks of wood that we’re going to return them all and get replacements. Until that happens the gable bit of the family room will stay a-la-concrete. When I get some more time, I’ll upload a HOWTO on laying wooden floors. Amazing what you learn.
In the mean time I went off and bought supplies to do the wet area proofing. A bit of fibreglass matting, some plastic prep-coat stuff, and the water proofing guff. I managed to paint on the prep coat tonight ready for the morning.
Rain continues to stream down. Fortunately my wife managed to get pretty much all of the exterior wood undercoated. It’s amazing how much the water seeps in through cracks in the doors and appears on the other side on odd spots. It’s a shame with all this rain we haven’t got our tanks in. Oh well.
ETA for moving in is in 3-4 weeks. It won’t be finished, but we’ll be in.

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