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panoramas – Our house in 360

April 4th, 2008 No comments

A more recent pano of our house taken with a rented Sony DSC-F828. I also produced a full 360 pano with it. See below.
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panoramas – empty block of land

April 2nd, 2008 No comments

This pano was taken around 2004. It’s our empty block of land just after we tore our old house down.
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Plastic or copper.

May 19th, 2005 No comments

My wife went into the kitchen this morning to start breakfast off and slipped on a huge puddle of water. There seemed to be water dripping from one of the lights in the kitchen. Great! I went up into the roof and found a big pool of water sitting on the ceiling plaster. From the looks of it it had been there for some time. So I mopped it all up, (all 6L of it), and called the plumber. The leak was coming from the copper ring that gets used to tighten around joiners in plastic piping. When I was talking to my plumber originally he said that it’d be slightly cheaper to go with plastic. When I objected to it, (I prefer the OLD traditional way of doing things), he said that he’d never had a problem with plastic piping and so managed to convince me to allow him to use it. Now I’m not so convinced, if I had my time again I wouldn’t use it.
It looks like we’ll have to make an insurance claim to get the roof fixed.

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A dingo we go.

May 1st, 2005 No comments

Now that the shipping container has gone from our driveway we had a dumpster bin delivered, and hired a dingo for the day. I managed to

excavate and level the front yard, and

clean up down the side. I got it all fairly level and straight, but I excavated just a little bit too much in one spot and bent the gas pipe, and knocked over the front tap. We’ll have to get the plumber out to fix them. Oh well.
Next weekend’s job is the retaining wall. I’ll have 30m of 150×75 treated pine sleepers, and 2T of extra earth delivered for this.

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Long overdue update.

April 25th, 2005 No comments

Well, I haven’t updated in a long while, (the last being in January), but a lot has happened since then. Unfortunately, I have to work to pay for building a new house, so a lot of those happenings has not been on the house…. sigh.

  • Camera box: There were several problems with the camera box and it was down for 3 months, this isn’t so bad considering nothing was really happening on the house. But, I’ve managed to get rid of all the water leaks, (water was running down the camera cables and gently dripping onto the powerboard), and upgraded to kernel 2.6.8 and gotten rid of all the bugs in the software. It is now taking photos again, but every 15 minutes.

  • Flooring: I’ve finished off all the flooring – After moving in we still had concrete floors in the bedrooms. I have only a little bit left to go in the cupboards, but essentially that’s it. I’ll be selling my flooring gun on eBay soon.

  • Container emptied: We’ve finally emptied the container. Everything is crammed into the house. What I don’t understand is how we managed to fit it all into the old smaller house.

  • Lanscaping: Once the container is gone, we’ll get a big dumpster bin and clean out the whole front yard. There’s gravel to be removed, and old garbage to be thrown out. There’s also a big pile of dirt to be levelled out.

  • Bathrooms: Both bathrooms are fully functional, but I’ve yet to paint the top half of the walls in the ensuite, and tile the bath area in the main bathroom. After landscaping, this will be the next things to be done.

  • Skirting, architraves: Nope, still not done yet. Will be doing this after the landscaping and the bathroom.

  • Cabling: What I should have done, is completed the Cat5e cabling BEFORE the house was painted. Then patching the plaster board and sanding would have been a whole lot easier. But, then again there’s a whole stack of stuff I wish I had done earlier on.

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January 25th, 2005 No comments

Gee I hate it when people graffiti on your website. Some idiot took it on himself to use the ‘comments’ section to add adverts for some porno/gambling site. I received no request from them whether they could or not. They came in from multiple addresses to hide their identity as well. It’s the equivalent of someone spray painting an advert on your front fence.
Shame there aren’t any decent laws to provide an incentive for people not to do this. Oh well.

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January 25th, 2005 No comments

Well, I haven’t updated in a while, (around 1 month). But then again not much has changed. This is always the way. Once you move in everything grinds to a halt. Besides; I needed to spend some time with my family.
Floors: We’ve received the second load of flooring. This flooring hasn’t been milled as acurately as the old stuff so I’ve had to buy a proper flooring gun. This pushes the board in at the same time firing a nail in. The gun is the same as a normal nail gun, but the firing mechanism is a bolt at the top that gets hit with a hammer. This then fires a nail at 40 degrees into the tongue.
Bathroom: We’ve been using two partially complete bathrooms. I have yet to complete the tiling around the bath area, and get the plumber back to connect the shower up properly, (I’m using a spanner as a tap at the moment).
Architraves: They’re not up, but I have to finish the flooring first. These will go in easily with my old paslode. I’m putting in removeable mitre-less skirting boards. These will allow me to remove them for termite inspections.
Dingo: I’ll be getting the dingo back tolandscape the ground. I need to get rid of the rubble out the front and shift a whole swag of dirt around.
Verandah: I’ll need to finish off the above first. Then I’ll get the concretor back to lay the concrete for the front verandah. Then I can put up the verandah.
After all this it’ll be finished. Hooray!

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Flooring arrives.

December 21st, 2004 No comments

I went off today and hired a 2T truck so that I could pick up the flooring for the remaining floors, (bedrooms). 75 sq meters of Cyprus Pine flooring and Maple battons. Came in at 1.5Tonnes. That’ll set me up for the Christmas break. Although it’ll have to sit in the rooms for 2 weeks to acclimatize. I’ll be doing a room at a time, since we have to move out of the unfinished rooms.

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First week of living in.

December 12th, 2004 No comments

Well, it’s the first week of being in the new house. We’ve all been pretty much sick, the place looks like a bomb has hit it, it’s been raining, (mud everywhere), and we still don’t have our shower going, (just the bath at the moment). So we’re glad to be back in our own house.
Consequently, I haven’t had a chance to do much. Just a bit here and there. The finishing off bits always take the most time. I went and got a load of meranti mouldings to finish the bathrooms off and have been busy with that.
I didn’t end up getting a dingo back in to level off the ground, and will do that in a couple of weeks.

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Finally move in!

December 5th, 2004 No comments

Well, the house isn’t finished, but we’ve moved in – just in time for Christmas! I have sorted out my insurance issue, (managed to find one company that will insure us for contents without our temporary occupation certificate – no-one else would). We have a fully functional kitchen, partially functional bathrooms, (the shower doesn’t quite go yet – we have pegs available at the front door for sensitive noses :-)) ). We have also shifted half of our shipping container into the house. So we’re almost there. It’ll be a rough Christmas, but a memoriable one.
I spent the weekend finishing off our bathrooms as much as I could. We decided to have the country look to our bathrooms by putting in painted half height panelling. I’ll whack up a photo when I can find my camera.

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