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The Half Tonne Ute

September 20th, 2009 No comments

I found a bunch of old photos of the Half Tonne Ute my brother and I used to troll around in, and scanned them in. These ones were taken after it endured a little bit of creative remodelling.
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Solaris 8 brandz getppid hack

September 12th, 2009 No comments

Sun has always said that any application written for Solaris 6 will be forwards compatible with any other version. It’s a big claim, but as long as the application adheres to the API it’s possible.
Occasionally you bump into things that don’t adhere to the API, (quite a lot of applications really). This is usually caused by developers thinking that they should do things “this way”, because Sun does it oh so wrong all the time. Consequently, you end up with legacy applications that can’t run on Solaris 10.

Enter Solaris 8 brandz zones. Being able to run legacy applications in a Solaris 8 brandz generally gets you around most of the issues in the remaining apps that do stupid things. However, there’s a couple of quirks with a zone that can introduce odd behaviour in an application.

Progress for example……. Read On.
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