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Prowl – the “anything” push to your iPhone

September 11th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I came across this cool little iPhone app in my recent adventures into the world of distractedness. A growl client for the iPhone.

What Prowl does is send “push” events to your iPhone from virtually anything.
Install the app, register on the Prowl website, generate an API key, and you’re home and hosed for some good hacking.

This means that any application that wants to push a notification to your iPhone contacts the Prowl servers, which then sends the notification on to your iPhone. So far it’s reliable enough, but even they say not to trust it for critical or emergency applications.

There is an API, and it is fairly complete, supporting all your language preferences, (Java, perl, PHP, etc, etc – sorry no COBOL).

Of course, there’s even a plugin for WordPress, (which I have to say is so much easier than Joomla). It will send push alerts for new posts, comments, and other things.

WordPress post alert

Looks like someone has posted another blog entry.

Viewing the notification brings you here:


Alerts can be adjusted, the nice feature is being able to silence them for a given time.

And adjust what sounds are played and when, although the default sounds are too quiet I find.


Redirects allow a specified application to start when a particular event comes in. Trouble is that there’s no way of selecting anything else but the given set of applications. Maybe in the next release.

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