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WordPress + iPhone + BlogPress

September 9th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I recently moved my blog away from Joomla and over to WordPress.

This was for several reasons:
1. Joomla is a pain in the bum for blogging. Its too complex for a blog and I keep forgetting the differences between a “com”, “module” and a “plugin”.
2. Upgrading is a pain in the bum. I just recently noticed that half my content went missing as part of a recent upgrade.
3. I had bought an iPhone and wanted to be able to post while out and about. Getting this going in Joomla was a pain in the bum, (although I discovered after switching to WordPress that it wasn’t really Joomla’s fault).
4. My old TreeCam blog was running on an old version of s9y, and I wanted to combine it all.

Not that Joomla is all bad, it’s a great CMS app, but just not for blogging. It has a fantastic plugin, (module or whatever the heck you call it), for eCommerce, (virtuemart), and even a blog thingy. I always found it to be a struggle. One of those things. It’s not designed for blogging.

It was a good decision to move. WordPress is infinitely easier than Joomla. None of the learning curve. So far there seems to be the same number of plugins for both, but it looks like Joomla is getting a little “stale”. Installing plugins for WordPress is damn easy. Almost a “one click” install or upgrade for all plugins and templates.

Since the switch I’ve discovered all sorts of goodies. EG out of the box weblog API, RPC calls, blog pings, dead link monitoring.

Nice. Really polished app.

Even better is the fact that I didn’t need to do anything for my iPhone to start posting to my blog. Just install BlogPress, (and the free WordPress app), from the Apple app store, enter in my site, and start blogging. I even used it to migrate from Joomla to WordPress, as you can post to multiple sites in one hit.

BlogPress’ settings page

You can post piccies and videos to Picasa and YouTube. Specify multiple blogs to post to.

Pulling down posts

Posting a story

Is dead easy, although may be a problem for those who don’t know their HTML.

Inserting images

Just click on the camera icon top right, and you can insert photos directly into the post.

Save or post?

You can post it, or save it as a draft for later.

Posting an entry

You’re also given the option of viewing it in Safari, which is a minor annoyance for me. It’d be good to be able to turn it off.

Which ends up looking like the following of you have installed the iPhone WordPress plugin.

This is all cool stuff, and it just all works the way you’d expect it to.

— Posted from my iPhone

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